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Robotic Marine Solution

Visions East custom designs robotic coating systems for use in the marine industry.  Patented VEbotTM system technology used on mega yachts combines computer-controlled laser mapping, 100% solids epoxy spraying, CNC milling, sanding and painting systems on multi-axis platforms to efficiently produce quality results under environmentally safer conditions than traditional manual methods. 

Other process steps such as weld seam inspection, coatings thickness verification or processing capabilities coming from any of the next generation of “smart tools” can be adapted for process automation with Visions East systems. “Specific task” systems for production environments such as plug and mold making or simply surface preparation and coatings application on large surfaces represent automation solutions for commercial marine and military markets. 

Contact Visions East today and be part of the “Evolution in Marine Coatings Application.



 FUJIFILM SMART SURFACES Duplex Fouling Release Coating System

Fouling of surfaces in marine and power generation environments has been a long standing problem. Submerged surfaces quickly develop a slimy biofilm consisting of bacteria and algae.

This biofilm serves as a food source ultimately attracting barnacles and other biofouling organisms that attach to the vessel hull or a power utility coolant water intake tunnel, creating a thick living layer.

For the marine user, this biofouling results in drag, reducing a ship fuel efficiency, speed and maneuverability. In the power generation arena, this biofiouling reduces the efficiencies of circulating water and related systems.

Until recently, the universal approach to this problem for marine operators was the use of toxic anti-fouling coatings. The power industry has relied on harsh chemical treatments or expensive shutdowns to remove the problem species.

FUJIFILM Hunt Smart Surfaces, LLC is now proud to introduce its Duplex Fouling Release System technology. Our non-toxic solution is a patented, thicker, stronger, effective silicone-based coating that causes marine organisms to release from surfaces. A solution that will not only save the sea, but also save your budget.




DUPONT NOMEX 는 아라미드 섬유제품으로서 듀폰의 등록 상표이며, 듀폰만이 생산하는 제품입니다. 전기절연이 필요한 곳이라면 어디든지 사용되며 의류와 여과제품용 인조섬유, 의류용 실, 전기절연용 Paper, 전기절연 및 열차폐용 프레스보드 등이 아라미드 섬유제품입니다.  

NOMEX 아라미드 제품은 여러 가지 형태로 된 제품들은 변압기, 전동기, 발전기 및 여러 가지 전기설비에 사용하도록 특성의 적절한 조화를 이루고 있으며, 합성방향족 폴리아미드 폴리머로 여러 가지 시트형태의 제품으로 만들었을 때 우수한 전기, 기계적 특성을 나타냅니다... 




 MULTI-PAK American Package Design

"one box does all"
The Multi-Pak is a reusable box blank design that allows you to create multiple box sizes and dimensions from one box blank.
One box blank can make many different sizes of your choice. This Quick and easy method puts a stop to cutting and re-gluing panels.


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